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Death and Free Will

TenII and Rose
Rating: All Ages -- some kissing
Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Romance
Word Count: 585

Boxes surround them.  The ones marked fragile lie vertical.   In asmall circle, a pizza box, lantern, and some blankets, finish off the accomplishment for the day. 

“Well, this is domestic,” the Doctor says, before biting into his third piece. 

“Would you rather something different?” 



Mouth still full, he says, “Really, Really.”  The Doctor’s mind wandering off to that absurd movie with an ogre. 

“Doctor?”  The tentative tone in her voice draws his attention.

“Rose?” he asks, now concerned. 

“How could this life,” she points to the boxes, “ever be enough for you?” 

He sets the pizza down.  “I only have one life now Rose.”  In an effort to finally resolve this conversation, the Doctor moves closer.   “You were the first person I saw with these eyes.  I want, no need, you to be the last.”  He had these eyes, this look, because of her so he didn't count the mete crisis.     

Breaking his gaze, Rose looks down at her uneaten pizza, “What if I die first?”

“Ah, has that been the problem?  Not whether I am happy, but if I’ll be able to cope without you?” 

Her eyes watering, Rose says, “Well, without the TARDIS or me…. I’m just worried…” 

The Doctor finally gives in to an unspoken demand, scooping her in his arms.  “No Rose.  Do not worry about me.  I have no intention of letting you die.  And I have no intention of living if you do.”  She lets out a cry, as he holds her close.  “I’m sorry.  This life is yours for as long as you live, but I have no strength left to go on without you.” 

Rose struggles to get free, but could only turn in his grasp to face him.  Her glare is met with a sad smile.  “How could you care so little about life to throw it away?”   

Rose's question is answered with a chuckle, “Oh, I’m sure some cause will require one life to help save something important.  They’ll simply have a volunteer, rather then a recruit.”   The Doctor's gaze distracted by her hair in the lamplight, absently curling his fingers around the ends.

“But I love you,” Rose chokes.  “I don’t want you to die.” 

“Well, we humans are very consistent at dying.  We also tend to spread through the universe like wildfire.  And seem to procreate like wild rabbits.  Oh, I know.   How about we practice that last one?”  He raises his eyebrows and Rose laughes despite herself. 

The Doctor trails kisses down her neck, as Rose tries to restart the conversation by pouting.  Sensing, rather then seeing her frown, the Doctor says, “Rose, I have every right to join you in the here after whenever I choose.  Call it God’s greatest gift of free will.  Besides, you’d get board up there without me.”  That ends her effort and Rose laughs hard enough to snort.  After all, he was right.   

Giving into the distraction ghosting her ear, Rose feels comfort knowing their lives would not be parted by death, at least not for long.  He knew what she would do if he died.  Unlike her, the Doctor also knew not to ask.  

Rose is grateful for the post serious discussion activty.  But while being lowered to the floor, she feels something soft, warm, and wet stick to her back.  “Umm, Doctor?”

“Yes, Rose?” 

“Do you realize you sat us a top the pizza?”

Late Night with John Smith
Ocean Draft

TenII, Pete Tyler  PG  Words: 1476
Interospection, Standalone, Character Study, Hurt/Comfort
Disclaimer: BBC owns Dr. Who; NASA owns the cool picture of Earth. 
Thanks to both for letting me use them for fun.

Summery: Pete Tyler finds a card near his bed.  It reads, Kitchen-2am ~Smith.  Is the Doctor going to ask him a question he can't answer? 

Author's Note:  I posted this on Teaspoon in November.  Now that i figured out how to post onto my own LJ site and link that post to dwfiction, I will be slowly linking my old stuff as it's added.  I hope it is alright.  If not scream and i'll stop. ;) 


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Thoughts During Exsanguination

The Doctor (Tenth)  PG  Words: 517
Interospection, Standalone, Het, Missing Scene
Disclaimer: BBC owns Dr. Who; NASA owns the cool picture of Earth. 
Thanks to both for letting me use them for fun.

Note: Rose/Doctor paring from an odd angle. Slight spolier for Smith & Jones. There is a reference to James Joyces, Finnegan's Wake. I thought it fit because it would be something the Doctor would read.

Summery:  Finally the Doctor finds someone willing to kill him. His thinking during the last few minutes in the MRI Room on the moon.

Ms. Finnegan was right about two things. First, it hurt. It hurt like hell. Each pull from her straw sent an ache through his body that ended in shattering stabs at his hearts. The second correct assumption was that she did need to assimilate again; the Judoon were on their way.

Her mistake was in taking him for a human. Luckily, pretending to be human, or in any case very non-threatening, was a skill at which the Doctor excelled. At first, he focused on acting. Worried that the postal job might be to far fetched, he was relieved when the Plasmavore fell for the trap. Now, if he could just keep calm during this death, she might go down with him.

Martha seemed like a quick study and the Doctor knew she would put the pieces together fast. Once the Judoon found the alien they were hunting, the hospital would be returned to Earth. Unfortunately, someone else was going to have to sort out the MRI machine. But the final connection to start the overload wasn't in place yet so it should be simple.

In the end, the Doctor knew the Earth was going to survive — both sides of it. Most likely, so were Martha and Royal Hope Hospital. He relaxed into the slabs grasp, allowing Ms Finnegan to drain him of blood. Slowly, the Doctor became light headed and his mind drifted to more pleasant thoughts.

He was with Rose. They were dancing on the TARDIS. Jack was watching — a first-time third wheel. Life was perfect.

A deeper draw of blood sent a spasm down his spine and the Doctor instinctively tried to pull away and started to slip. The Slab adjusted his grip, shifting to take more weight as his victim began to lose footing. The Doctor registered the Slab's apparent experience before allowing his mind to wander to happier times.

He was with Rose. They were running in ancient Rome. She was cast as a goddess by his own hand. Life was perfect.

The Doctor sent swells of gratitude to the Plasmavore as he died, grateful in knowing regeneration would not come. No heartbeats meant no new-new Doctor. He would hug her if it weren’t for the industrial strength plastic bendy straw. After acknowledging the ridiculousness of her weapon, not only looking like a straw, but in fact also being a bendy straw, the Doctor mused about more enjoyable moments.

He was with Rose. They were in full post adventure hugging mode. Her smile was back where it belonged. Life was perfect.

Ms Finnegan’s thirst was insatiable. As she tapped the end of his life force, the Doctor vaguely thought that Anne would be a more fitting name than Florence, but clear thinking slowly became more difficult. The Doctor was now supported completely by the Slab. Seeing the dark blotches signaling the end of over nine centuries of time, the Doctor sought to find peace in dreams.

He was with Rose. They were holding hands on a beach. She was the only thing in life he had left. Life was again perfect.

Unconventional Companion

Title: Unconventional Companion

10th Doctor, Author Created Companion
Rating: Teen for fighting ie: mild violence.  
In 1st from the Doctor's POV
Paring: Action/Adventure, Angst, General, Hurt/Comfort,
Disclaimer: BBC owns Dr. Who; NASA owns the cool picture of Earth.  Thanks to both for letting me use them for fun.

Summery: What will the Doctor due when mugged by someone who needs his help more then either of them realize?  Will the Doctor live long enough to find out?  


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Plea for the Planet
Happy Holidays!!!

Title: A Plea for the Planet        Rating: All Ages        Word Count: 940
Paring: Action, Angst, General, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection
Disclaimer: BBC owns Dr. Who; NASA owns the cool picture of Earth.  Thanks to both for letting me use them for fun.

Summery: On 25 December, 2008, the Doctor stands next to an angry alien ready to destroy the Earth. Can he save the planet with only words? Will he discover a new truth in the process?

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Ocean Draft
I started this site because of National Novel Writing Month, but I've been writing a lot of Dr. Who Fan Fiction and decided this might be a good place to put all the stuff I've written outside of the Teaspoon and an Open Mind archive.  I'm not sure what I'm doing, but the process is insteresting. 


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